Airblade – "The fastest, most hygienic hand dryer"


“Drying hands in a public restroom invariably poses a minor environmental dilemma. Paper towels equal chopped-down trees, hand dryers use a lot of juice, and wiping hands on pants is just plain antisocial.
Fortunately, new technology has come to the aid of the damp-handed. Engineers at Dyson, the UK company founded by smug vacuum cleaner genius James Dyson, have turned their creative talents from cleaning to drying and come up with the Airblade.

The Airblade is a new type of hand dryer which can use up to 83% less energy thantraditional devices. It’s the fastest hand dryer on the market, taking only 10 seconds to dry a standard size pair of hands (versus as long as 40 seconds for the competition), thanks to a unique motor which propels a 400 mph stream of air through a gap the width of an eyelash.”

de aici

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